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Customers Always Come First

At Buzz Costumes, we highly value customers. Customer is always NO.1. All of our costumes are brand new and carefully packaged, and made with very soft and sanitary material. The heads are made with EPE Foam. All photos showed are taken from the actual costumes. We strive to provide the greatest satifsaction to all of our customers.


Costumes Extravaganza

We provide you with all sorts of costumes. We also create custom costumes for businesses and individuals. We guarantee that the unique mascot costumes will impress the crowd and give you that 'WOW-factor'! If you can't find it at Buzz Costumes, you won't be able to find it anywhere else. Feel free to shoot us an email for anything!









Materials used for our costumes:

  • Our mascot costumes are only made by the highest quality cotton. We have both short fur and long fur for our costumes. Our products are environmentally friendly and washable with mild detergent and lukewarm water.
  • The heads are made with the best foam (EPE) material, which are lightweight, breathable and durable. They provide an excellent and comfortable wearing and walking experience for the user.
  • Mesh is used on the mouth of the costumes, to provide excellent vision and ventilation for the wearer. To provide even more ventilation, we can also add fans to our costumes if requested.
  • The shape of our costumes are made with advanced computer model software and laser technology, to give it that beautiful and lovely shape. 
  • Company logos, pictures and fonts and be added to the costumes by request.

Where our costumes are used:

  • Shopping streets, Business Streets, children's playground, pedestrian street, wedding celebration, tourist sites
  • Various commercial sales exhibitions, electronics, cell phone storesRestaurants
  • Shopping center's advertising and promotions
  • Places of Entertainment/Amusement, acting, theaters, movie productiontheme parks
  • Large parties, birthday parties, practicing/opening celebrations, sports competition, wedding ceremony, Carnival parties
  • Halloween parties, contests, clubs, concerts
  • Non-profit organizations, fund-raising events, churches
  • School teams, universities, cheerleading, kindergartens, social activities, and more.

Design of our costumes:
Helmet material:
We use the best Polyethylene material which is better than most others out there which use only paperboard/ cardboard. It is very easy to clean and provides excellent ventilation.
Polyethylene and EPE material which is very light and the user can wear it for a long time freely and even without big pressure on the shoulders.
The Polyethylene helmet is produced by high-technology machines rather than joined by several pieces so it is strong and hard enough to avoid breaking and sudden striking so that user's head is under good protection.
Breathe and vision:
User can breath freely inside with good ventilation; User can see clearly from inside. The vision area is installed with mesh which is used for preventing the dust and other objects.




Experienced Designers

We provide a great deal of talent and bring years of creative excellence to every costume design. We can offer innovative ways for businesses and organizations to promote and advertise their companies and develop public image. Our products can offer you the chance to benefit from the many rewards associated with character mascot and cosplay costumes, and we can help your business grow!


Utilizing state of the art molding and manufacturing techniques, equipment, and high-technology digital imagery and laser, Buzz Costumes has the resources and versatility to produce mascot costumes that meet a wide range of requirements, investment levels and complexity. We have the skills to help your business create all sorts of mascot costumes- you can make your costumes in any color, shape, fabric, size and more!


World-Wide Relationships

We export our character mascots to a lot of countries and regions including Europe, America, Oceania, Southeast Asia, Africa and Middle East. Our brand influence from oversea markets keep rising. Even if you live on a deserted island, as long as it is a country with postal service, we can ship to you! We always strive to build a great relationships with our clients, and now we are the strategic cooperative partners of many large and multi-national companies. We have relationships with businesses from all sorts of industries- such as entertainment, media, catering, technological, cellular, medical, education, and more! Who doesn't love mascots!? We supply to both end-consumers and businesses- anyone in the world!


State-of-the-Art Workmanship

We’re blessed with a team of brilliant artisans who know no boundaries when it comes to talent. We are costume designers, carvers, coverers, hand sewers and scientists, and all of us are equally important to our company, building each costume one piece at a time. All of them with big ideas and even bigger hearts when it comes to creating our wonderful costumes. We only deliver the best, and we strive to do so everyday. We work hard to deliver the best experience and products to every single customer.